"Why do you do Another Decade, what is it for?

Its my ultimate creative outlet that i'm aware of at this day and age. I express and create into this world as is only seen by me. The reason of being a designer sounds selfish, but it's me who influence the rest of the world and vise versa. We're needed for our talent to interpret the world. Recognition is nice and fortune comes too. Specifically for Another Decade, i'm essentially doing what I like and what comes with that is what I stand for too. The animals, I do this for the beautiful animals on this earth, before and after us. I want to love them, there or not. I will have my secondhand shops where proceeds will go to foundations verified in the livelihood of animals, small, wild, big, all. That's my contribution to this world with money. I see no reason to hoard or live a gluttonous lifestyle. I am already wealthy in love and life. And i'm not far from financial stability. Money does its thing, it loves to move and regroup. It presents itself when needed, I believe. I have the life I want literally right now, each day is a countdown to the next goal I accomplish. All these things are coming in due time because i'm aligned with them, for I have awareness of their existence. Thank You. <3"